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Bongs, Pipes and Cannabis Seeds - Andriy

RooR Bongs! we have the largest selection at still the best prices! We now have an even larger selection of Bongs and Water Pipes from ALL manufacturers.

If you are looking for Cannabis Seeds, we have a huge variety with more being added all the time, we are the UK's most reliable supplier of marijuana seeds direct to you, anywhere worldwide. WITH FREE SHIPPING ON ALL SEED ORDERS!

With the current exchange rate our customers in the USA may want to purchase roor products TODAY to take advantage of historically low exchange rates. Just checking we canb write to the database with this. And that the databvase has been changed.

We Love These Products

Voorhees Electrofumed Glass Bubbler

A complete work fo ART!! Voorhees Electrofumed Glass Bubbler

This gloriously detailed glass bubblerfrom Voorhees is perfect for anyones collections. Look at the detailed work on this glass bubbler and tell me you don't want this Glass Art added to your glass collection?

Retarded Glass Bubbler

By Master Glass Blower Karl Termini Retarded Glass Bubbler

From Amsterdam to New York the Master Glass Blower Karl Termini presents Retarded Glass. These absolutely stunning pieces of glass are brilliant to use, super smooth with a diffuser it seems on the end of every down stem! So complex to blow and manufacture, maybe that's why he called it Retarded. This Retarded Glass Bubbler comes in its own presentation box with Retarded embossed on the lid, just so you know! Purchase now for immediate delivery from within the USA.

RooR Little Sista Rasta Logo

The new Rasta RooR Logo RooR Little Sista Rasta Logo

This little sista has the new RooR Rasta logo on it, its style like this that turns heads. This glass bong has borosillicate schott duran pyrex, the finest that money can buy! Standing at 35cm tall and with 3.2mm thick pyrex this is not a lightweight piece and hits like a freight train too. Enjoy!

RooR Silver Ruby Custom

The Silver Beast in 3D RooR Silver Ruby Custom

What can we say, we are the biggest roor dealer in the UK and as such we can buy one off pieces to bring to you! This baby is a complete and utter work of art. It has the following, solid silver logos with real rubys x2, solid silver hempleaf, platinum ice notches, roor millefiorri bead, a glass section bowl, crown mouthpiece, bistabil joint of course, complete with matching ashcatcher. All in all a rare and collectable piece for that once in a lifetime purchase. The normal retail on this would be 1356.30. On offer today at 1149.93.

You can view an interactive 3D PICTURE here

Illadelph Black Coil Condenser Bong

freeze the bong cool the smoke Illadelph Black Coil Condenser Bong

This Illadelph Black Coil Bong has a glycerin section that can be frozen again and again. The condenser then cools the smoke through the bong. This is an Illadelph Glass Tube which has been finshed in a frosted silk finish, Coming straight from Philly these Illadelph Black Coil Beakers offer some of the finest Illadelph Glass around.

!! RooR Super Lightweight Papers !!

!! RooR Super Lightweight Papers !!

This pack of 10 lightweight papers are superb. They burn evenly are so light you can read through them and as per all RooR products probably the best papers on the planet. However when you buy 10 of these you get a mini roor ashtray absolutely FREE! We expect demand to be high to grab em NOW!!

Change Your Currency

You can now change the currency used throughout the store by picking your currency from the menu on the right under the shopping basket! This is intended as an aid to shopping so be aware you will still be charged in GBP or British Pounds.

Glass Bongs and Pipes from the USA

We have TORO GLASS, and a selection of hand blown USA glass from some of the best USA glass blowers. With names suck as Freeek, Gelb, Zara, Salt and Pakoh to name just a few in our selections of USA GLASS. In bongs we now have Illadelph, Ehle, Hopps, Ghost, Ease, and Wildrok to name a few.

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