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Accessories When you can't find it anywhere else. Look here for a weird and wonderfull collection of everything.
Activated Charcoal A range of products featuring activated charcoal, for a smoother smoking experience.
Annodised Pipes All our metal pipes are one price 5.00. No ifs no buts these pipes are worth every penny. Superior annodisation leads to longer life (of pipe! 8-} )these pipes are a little piece of craftsmanship. Go on slip a little bit of Weed City in yer pocket.
Ashtrays All our collection of mad, bad ashtrays. After all you need somewhere to lean your spliff when discussing the meaning of life, the universe and everything!
Big Budda Seeds Old Skool Taste - Old Skool High - Great Strain
Blunts Get the best quality Blunt wraps here. We have all your favourites plus the Amico Sweet Palm Leaf Wrap which is the worlds only NON TOBACCO flavoured Blunt
Bong Cleaners A collection of cleaning solutions and brushes to clean your bongs with.
Bongs - Acrylic A massive selection of acrylic bongs with more being added all the time, you'll find bongs from companies like Chills, Black Leaf, High Fish and more
Bongs - Ceramic This section covers our wide range of ceramic bongs. We are the CHEAPEST supplier of ceramic bongs in the UK. Dont believe us? Fine go pay more somewhere else. Find one of our ceramic pieces cheaper and we will not only match that price but give you a special present too. (conditions apply, see the about Weed City section.
Cigarette Lighters A selection of Cigarette Lighters to help you toke away.
Digital Scales Digital Scales at the best prices. All our scales carry a 5 year warrenty against defects. These are superb scales at value for money prices.
Drug Test Products Protect yourself from privacy intrusion. Drug TESTING is wrong! We give you the products to protect your job, family and livelihood.
Easyleaf Simply superb quality products from a new BRITISH company. The electric grinder is the BEST electric grinder on the market at the moment. NO BULL, buy it with our 30 day money back guarantee! Everything comes with a complete piece of mind 12 months GUARANTEE!! Weedcity Web Exclusive!
Extraction Kits Bubble Sacs, Ice0laters, Bub-l-kits, all the best bags are here.
Flavored Rolling Papers Flavored Rolling Papers full of flavour!
Gift Sets A selection of Gifts Sets to be given for all occasions.
Gifts & Gadgets Everything that does not fit in any of the other categories a complete aladdins cave of goodies, you'll never know what you'll find unless you look........
Glass Bongs A brilliant collection of both plain and coloured glass bongs. Some are colour changing and will change colour when heated by smoking.
Glass Bubblers Color Changing Glass Bubblers, we have sherlocks, hammers and more.
Glass Pipes Lovely thick glass pipes at great prices. The art of the glassblower is not dead, asiatic influences with state of the art materials. Produce some of the best glassware we have seen.
Herb Grinders Herb grinders, to grind your herb in a herb grinder pop in the herb and grind. We have a huge range of Herb Grinders in our Herb Grinders section.
Hookah Pipes Traditional hookah pipes. Made in the old fashioned way, amazing smoking machines. Cool and long lasting more satisfying smoke. Each hookah comes with colour matched oyrex bowl, traditional clay bowl, metal tongs, cleaning brush kit, user guide and free charcoal.
Illadelph Bongs Illadelph Bongs direct from Philly these American collectable glass bongs are made from premium boroscilicate Schott Duran Glass and have a cult following throughout the USA. When looking for Illadelph Bongs For Sale look no further.
Incense (Josticks) A ever expanding range of incense and incense burners.
Magic Glass Bongs German Pyrex Glass Bongs. For premium glass on glass bongs, at a great price, then you need look no further than the magic range. From the Bong Artists formerly known as Magic Glass.
Marijuana Cannabis Seeds Cannabis Marijuana Seeds from the largest headshop in the World offering more Cannabis Marijuana Seeds choice at the best prices in the world. Some of our Cannabis Marijuana Seeds are 50%OFF some so called "Cannabis Marijuana Seedbanks" that rip off the consumer. We offer only Dutch Marijuana Cannabis Seeds at the best Marijuana Seeds and Cannabis Seeds prices. We ship WORLDWIDE. In the UK it is illegal to cultivate cannabis seeds..
Premium Pipes Cream of the crop. All your premium pipes in one place. All these pipes are market leaders made with extreme engineering, for your smoking pleasure.
Pyramid Seeds The aim of PYRAMID SEEDS is to distribute feminized cannabis seeds of easy cultivation and good production with the best price to professional and enthusiastic medicinal growers.
Red Eye Bongs & Pipes The finest smoking paraphernalia in the world. All Red-Eye Pipes and Bongs are the pinnacle in ergonomics and quality. You can buy a Red-Eye Bong or Pipe and relax knowing you've invested in Quality.
Retarded Glass Works From the studios of Karl Termini comes the new Retarded Glass Bubblers and Bongs.
Rolling Mats & Machines A collection of equipment to help you roll the perfect Phatty. From Cone Rolling machine to the ever faithful Bamboo Rolling Mats
Rolling Papers & Roaches For all your cigarette paper needs! We have the widest range of cigarette papers at the best prices. Go on kick back, skin up and relax! with our cigarette papers, rolling papers
RooR Bongs RooR UK - Pure Glass, Pure Class. (tm) each piece is lovingly hand crafted by artists in Germany. Led by Martin Birzle these pieces are designed to give optimal smoking pleasure.
RooR Bongs Custom Build World exclusive you are now able to custom build your RooR Bongs, get you RooR hand made by the artists in Germany to your specific requirements. You must pay for the Bong complete in Advance and be prepared to wait upto 4 weeks for delivery! The Kudos associated with owning your very own custom made bong, one to be savoured. How to order FIRST pick your basic Roor Bong, then add the options to your cart as normal.
RooR Hand Pipes The classic design of portable pipes from roor, brought to you first by! We try our hardest to get everything you need for roor here in one place!
Spares and Repairs Need a downstem? or a spare bowl maybe? need some gauzes? all your spares and stuff for repairs is here!
Stealth & Stash You might just need a little something to put your stash into, well you'll find an every increasing range here to suit all tastes and pockets. Hopefully!
USA Engineering Pipes Heavy brass pipes nickel coated for longer live. These are premium pipes, at a great price!. Buy one of these beauties now they will last a lifetime.
USA Premium Glass Each piece in this collection is handblown by artists from around the oregon and texas areas of the USA. Imported exclusively by weedcity, we only buy the premier glassblower art. This is reflected in the price only premium colours and blowers are used to produce some of the most stunning glass art we have seen. Each piece comes with a certificate of origination. We guarantee you will not be dissapointed with any of these pipes or your money back!
Vapourisers Get your herb the healthy way, by using a Vapouriser!! We will only sell proven technology on this section. If you want a vapouriser and it is not here then this is due to the fact it is either completely crap or not worth the expense.
Wildfire Glass A range of Bubblers and Pipes of a premium nature at down to earth pricing levels.
Wooden Pipes Made from Mango or Rosewood these pipes are eco friendly.

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