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Magic Glass Bongs

German Pyrex Glass Bongs. For premium glass on glass bongs, at a great price, then you need look no further than the magic range. From the Bong Artists formerly known as Magic Glass.

Bob Marley Magic Glass Bongs These are extreme value for money glass on glass bongs that offer all the benefits of German Pyrex glass at a fraction of the "normal" price. With cool graphics of the legend Bob Marley.
Graffity Magic Glass Bongs These glass bongs have a sandblasted logo in relief with the name picked out in blue. Very nice glass waterpipes offering good solid value for money.
Magic Glass Ashcatchers The perfect accessory for your glass on glass bongs.
Magic Glass Cyclops Range A range of bongs utilising medical and museum taxidermal quality glass eyes to ad that certain something thats been missing from bong design for awhile. Originality!
Magic Glass Extreme Exclusive to 7mm thick range of Magic Glass Bongs, take schott duran pyrex to the extreme! The hardest Magic Glass on the planet.
Magic Glass Handpipes All these handpipes are blown completely by hand using only glass, a torch and pure skill.
Magic Glass Monumental Range The latest bongs from Magic Glass includes the "indestructable" glass joint, made from a solid piece of glass. These water pipes are the strongest Magic Glass on the planet.
Magic Glass Perculators Offering a seperate chamber of filtration built into the pipe. The unique design offers extra filtration with every hit.
Mystery Magic Glass Bongs A complete range of totally sandblasted bongs that add that touch of mystery. These glass bongs are ultra chic!
Rocks Magic Glass Bongs A range of bongs featuring a purely sandblasted logo that is very deeply in relief. A stunning look with that Exclusive feel.
The Imperial Range It gets no better than this, 9mm thick Schott Duran Pyrex with handmade German Marbles all hand blown to perfection. What more could you want!
The Pure Magic Glass Bongs This range features a black logo on just pure glass in the main, Some pieces have substantial sandblasting.

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