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Get your herb the healthy way, by using a Vapouriser!! We will only sell proven technology on this section. If you want a vapouriser and it is not here then this is due to the fact it is either completely crap or not worth the expense.


Fuzion Vapouriser / Vaporizer AVR102

Come with built in Drawer - excellent vaporiser Fuzion Vapouriser / Vaporizer AVR102

This famous style vapouriser has a variable temperature is all glass on glass in design and is a lovely piece of kit. You insert your chosen herbal smoke in the chamber and draw hot air over the mixture. Giving you a very clean vapor. The heating element is ceramic and therefore no harmful metal oxides are produced. This is a bargain at this price.

You can view an interactive 3D PICTURE here click and drag the larger image to move it!

Master Blaster

British Made, with British Components Master Blaster

Enjoy your Herb the healthy way with the Master Blaster. Made entirely from BRITISH components this vapouriser offers the Best all round performance and the best price. Highly Recommended - Weedcity Webmaster.

The Volcano Vapouriser

Winner of the Cannabis Cup 2003 The Volcano Vapouriser

This is the ultimate in chic, and the ultimate in vaporisers. Convection (hot air) is used rather than conduction (hot metal plate), this ensures the whole of your herbs active ingredients are vaporised and not just the part touching the traditional hot plate style vapouriser. It is without doubt the most expensive vaporiser on the planet, and justifys its price tag with superior components and the inspired use of a plastic bag as the vapor holder. This ensures less condensation which can be a problem with traditional conductive vaporiser. For a cheaper alternative try the vaporeyes

Vapir AirČ Digital Air - Vapir One

Handheld Vapouriser Vapir Air² Digital Air - Vapir One

This revolutionary design from the Vapir company leaves all other vapourisers in the shade, using a unique quartz heating element. Can be combined with the bag system to produce a versatile vapouriser. Comes with the vapir one, DVD, CD, Membership pack, Warranty Card, 3 herb discs, mouthtips, full colour instruction booklets, tweezers and hand strap.

Vapir One - Balloon Kit

Unique sealable balloons Vapir One - Balloon Kit

The latest Vapir needs the latest technology. The Vapir One Balloon kit turns the Vapir One into a mini marvel by allowing you to inflate balloons with your chosen vapours. Amazing just like the volcano at a fraction of the price. This kit comes with 10 balloons and adapters for you to get vaping.

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