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Glass Pipes

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Lovely thick glass pipes at great prices. The art of the glassblower is not dead, asiatic influences with state of the art materials. Produce some of the best glassware we have seen.

Pyromania Glass Pipes Made deep in the heartland of the USA these pipes are produced in deepest secrecy, the underground blowers use mobile kilns to protect themselves and their families. Pyromania Glass Inc. is in itself a secret organisation with no specific base or offices. Buy only the best buy Pyromania.

American Thick Spoons

Inside Out Work some with Twisted Axis! American Thick Spoons

These are not your usual run of the mill glass utilising premium american colours and the latest inside out techniques each piece is individual. You are buying a hand blown HEAVY spoon with minimum one marble, thick ribbons of colour and some pieces have twisted axis colours also. These spoons are colour changing spoons, and are worth every penny. Please do not be misled THESE ARE quality spoons. Of course this is reflected in the price but well worth the investment. EACH ONE YOU BUY WILL BE DIFFERENT TO THE ONE ILLUSTRATED.

Blue Thunder Corkscrew Glass Spoon

Remarkable Value For Money Blue Thunder Corkscrew Glass Spoon

This thick 4" long pipe offers remarkable value for money. A long corkscrew section with a silver fumed section and blue highlights on the bowl and mouthpiece.

Boxed Glass Pipe

Cannabis Leaf Motif on neck Boxed Glass Pipe

This little one hitter pipe comes in its own custom made velvet lined box. It has a cannabis leaf motif on the mouthpiece. A nice little piece that will hve you smiling!

Colour Changing Glass Spoon

Classic lines Colour Changing Glass Spoon

This is a classic color changing glass spoon at 4 1/2" long. Classic lines and just the right length to give a smooth smoke.

Corkscrew Value Glass Spoon

Stunning Value for Money Corkscrew Value Glass Spoon

This fumed spoon has a corkscrew design in the neck of the spoon. Only 3 inches long (8cm) this spoon allows the user to toke not choke! A brilliant spoon offering exceptional value for money.

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