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RooR Bongs Custom Build

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World exclusive you are now able to custom build your RooR Bongs, get you RooR hand made by the artists in Germany to your specific requirements. You must pay for the Bong complete in Advance and be prepared to wait upto 4 weeks for delivery! The Kudos associated with owning your very own custom made bong, one to be savoured. How to order FIRST pick your basic Roor Bong, then add the options to your cart as normal.

Pre-Built Custom Roor Bongs These are custom pieces that have been made in advance and are ready to ship. The stocking levels are LIVE, if an item is sold out you can RESERVE the next one in stock by paying a 25% deposit then paying the balance upon despatch. You will see the reserve option under every bong.

!! RooR Super Lightweight Papers !!

!! RooR Super Lightweight Papers !!

This pack of 10 lightweight papers are superb. They burn evenly are so light you can read through them and as per all RooR products probably the best papers on the planet. However when you buy 10 of these you get a mini roor ashtray absolutely FREE! We expect demand to be high to grab em NOW!!

Bistabil Joint

Strengthen the ground joint

Make your bong last longer, strengthen the ground joint. THIS IS A MUST HAVE FOR A CUSTOM PIECE!! adds around 40% more glass around the ground joint. We highly recommend this option for all your CUSTOM PIECES!

Carb Hole

For clearing the pipe the lazy way! Carb Hole

Want a carb hole? no problem just choose your wall thickness form the table below. Want a coloured carb hole YOU MUST choose a carb hole PLUS the coloured. i.e. 3.2 carb hole is 6.00 the colouring is 8.00 the total for a coloured carb hole is 14.00. If you do not choose a coloured carb your carb will be clear glass.

Coloured Carb Hole

add some colour to your carb

add some colour to your carb hole fixed price. you must add this AS WELL AS the carb hole price to get your carb hole coloured

Coloured Glass Section

Amazing insert to your Roor Bong! Coloured Glass Section

This is amazing, a coloured glass insert to your roor bong. Not only is it absolutely stunning but it is 3d in effect and looks superb. Take our word for it roor have excelled themselves with this customisation. Colours can vary bong to bong.

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