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Get the best quality Blunt wraps here. We have all your favourites plus the Amico Sweet Palm Leaf Wrap which is the worlds only NON TOBACCO flavoured Blunt

"The Don" Kingpin Kingsize Blunts These blunts are longer and wider than the normal kingpin blunts. They come in a larger carry case to enable you to roll your perfect blunt then place in the case for protection.
Amico Sweet Palm Leaf Blunts made from sweet palm leaves and having a unique corn filter, the perfect slow burning tobacco free alternative.
Blunt Wrap Platinum Blunts A premium easy to roll blunt wrap, full of flavour.
Brown Sugar Blunts A tobacco and paper blend giving the smooth smoking of a "true" blunt and the convenience of a pack of smoking papers.
Brown Sugar Rolls Tobacco Wrap on a Roll. Full of flavour and can be ripped to any length. Come in a plastic "no squash" container that keeps your Brown Sugar fresh.
Cyclone Cone Blunts A pre rolled conical blunt. Just fill and toke.
Cyclone XXL Cone Blunts A larger fuller cone blunt. Comes with its own carry pack for you to carry your filled blunt in safety.
Golden Tobacco Wraps A premium parchment like blunt made from a paper and tobacco combo. Slow Burning.
Juicy Blunt Leaves Whole Tobacco Leaves triple dipped for a fuller, juicier flavor. Using the patented triple dip technology from Juicy Jays. * leaves in a pack, each pack is resealable and GUARANTEED fresh.
Juicy Blunts - Flavored Blunt Wraps Using the same Triple Dipped technology developed for their Juicy Jay's range of triple dipped flavored rolling papers. Juicy Blunts are just bursting with flavor straight from the packet. For a premium Flavored Blunt Wrap look no further.
Juicy Blunts - Super Blunts The singular largest manufactured blunt in the world. Triple Dipped for fuller flavor this si the king of blunts. Definitely only suitable for a party! Huge smoking pleasure for a group of people. measuring in at approx 12" this is the Don of blunts from Juicy Jays.
Magnum Double Blunt Wrap A huge Blunt wrap that will make either one Phatty Blunt or 2 normal blunts. Saving you money or giving you a choice of size, however you look at it these flavours are cool.
Miami Blunts The original full leaf blunt. Each packet contains 5 leaves for you to enjoy.
Royal Blunts EZ Roll The Royal Blunts EZ Roll individually packed easy to roll blunts.
True Blunts The Original All American True Blunts. Full of flavour and now in stay fresh packs for longer freshness.
Zen Blunt Wraps From Zen Smoking come the Zen Wraps get in touch with your inner self. Zen Wraps.

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