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USA Premium Glass

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Each piece in this collection is handblown by artists from around the oregon and texas areas of the USA. Imported exclusively by weedcity, we only buy the premier glassblower art. This is reflected in the price only premium colours and blowers are used to produce some of the most stunning glass art we have seen. Each piece comes with a certificate of origination. We guarantee you will not be dissapointed with any of these pipes or your money back!


Inside Out Bubbler

By Jeremy Inside Out Bubbler

This piece of glass art is outstanding the attention to detail and the stunning use of dichroics and gold make this a lovingly created piece. The artists appears to have captured the essence of a good bubbler combined with the fluid movement of smoke over glass. The horn of the piece contains a fine millifiorri of rainbow dichroic which flickers with the light. Deep and light blue metallics are used in the stem giving a sheen of pure luxury around the join of stem to bowl are bubbles of gold that capture and reflect the light. This is a loving piece which weighs in at 385 grams of pure borrasillicate glass. Standing at approx. 5 inches (12cm) high and 8 inches (20cm) long this unique piece must have taken hours to produce. Jeremy is a well established glass artist based in Texas. This is a one off design, and only one bubbler is available. Buy now to avoid dissapointment.

Inside out Glass Spoon by Baker

Vibrant colours and depth in this piece Inside out Glass Spoon by Baker

140 grams of pure skill. Baker has gone to town on this spoon, attaching a beautiful dichroic marble to the side of the spoon. Clear marbles act as lenses on the front and top of the spoon. The main body is a lovely sea greeny blue colour fading to a deep fiery orange, with multicoluored candy twists at the end. Amazing piece.

Inside Out Sherlock Bubbler

by Baker Inside Out Sherlock Bubbler

Fresh from Texas comes Baker, who has worked his magic in this inside out sherlock bubbler. This piece is very subtle in its colouring and yet has a vibrant ribbon of colour running through the entire bubbler. The translucentness of this piece allows for engaging contrasts of colours. This piece has the benefit of a huge marble to the side. the marble is sat on a dark blue base with dichroic metals used in the marble to give a gold on blue effect when looked at straight on, which dissapears when looked at any other angle. Baker carries on the marbles on the stem with 3 dark blue marbles to accent the twist in the stem. A unique Baker piece available at a very reasonable price. Again a unique piece, one off. Weight is 255 grams, standing 7 1/2 inches (19cm) tall and 2 1/4 inch wide (10cm) this piece needs a nice home.

Orange Glass Spoon by Jeremy

Beautiful Hand Blown Inside Out Glass Spoon Orange Glass Spoon by Jeremy

Weighing in at 180 grams this beauty has loads of depth of colour. Ribbons of colourful candy canes and dichroics abound through the stem of this piece. Lenses at the bowl end bring to the front the orange and white. The carb hole is blown white glass, with a small colour changing part towards the mouthpiece.

Ultra Heavy Spoon

By Luken Ultra Heavy Spoon

This tortured spoon makes its way to weedcity via lukens studios in Texas. The spoon has been blown utilising some of the finest dichroics and also twisted colours we have seen in a long time. Vibrancy abounds in this piece, which has a colour changing layer deep within the body of the pipe. The colour changing is more pronounced towards the mouthpiece of the pipe. The artist has attempted to capture the process of blowing in this pipe using thick lenses to the front and side to highlight subtle changes to the colours of the glass that would slip through the naked eye. Thick layers of tortured glass across the top of the stem of the pipe tortures the eyes and you try to grab a focus on the bright colours underneath. A heavy piece at 352 grams and looking for a loving home. Again a complete one off.

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